Licca & Jenny

My favorite dolls to collect have always been the Takara Licca and Jenny dolls. I'm hoping that one day I'll have a cool collection with loads of Licca Castle and Totoco originals, but limited funds keep me to the more common dolls. It's okay though, because I love them all!

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Licca #1

Licca 30th Anniversary

Happy Life

'89 Jenny

Jenny #1

Jenny #2

Jenny #3 

Coordinate Dress #4

Coordinate Dress #7

Supermodel Jenny & Friends

Cute Bear Club 

These are some of my dolls ... the pictures aren't the greatest. When and if I get a digital camera, I'll be able to have something nicer looking than just laying the dolls on the scanner =)



Another Licca

Junior High Licca

Early 80s Licca

Petit Antique Licca

Licca Friends



Kindergarten Eri-Chan

Pink House Miki 
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Hajimemashite Jenny

Calendar Girl Jenny
October 1997


Sweet Country Jenny

Cute Bear Club Jenny 

Country Coordinate Jenny

Jenny Friends



Schoolgirl Timotei

Mille Feuille

Long Hair Timotei

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