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Takara Dolls for Sale

JDolls : the biggest selection of Jenny and friends outside of a Japanese toy store

ToyFinder Doll : lots of nice dolls to choose from

Japan Toy : Jenny and Co., as well as anime toys.

Dolls Japan : California based Jenny dealer, great selection

Takara-Bako : takara's homepage, in japanese

Takara Doll Pages

Biscuit's House : Helene's jealousy inspiring collection

Licca-A-Go-Go : cute Licca page! In Japanese

Licca and Jenny Collection : cute dolls! Also in Japanese

Marine's Club : japanese page dedicated to Jenny's pal Marine


Götz Dolls : Official website

The Toy Shoppe : pricey dolls that I can't afford, but still like to look at

TLC Doll : online 'department store' for 18" dolls

Martika's Sylvanian Families Collection

Ty : Official Home of the Beanies Babies

North American Bear Co. : home of Muffy Vanderbear

Bears By the Sea : a teddy bear store

My Friends

Van Mierlo Software Consultancy : homepage of Peter van Mierlo, the love of my life :-)

Miss Reb's Homepage : my best friend Rebecca's page

Ma Petit Page : my friend Lisa's page


Celine Dion : official Sony site

Callas Divina : official website of Maria Callas

Sarah McLachlan : official site

Take That Appreciation Pages : once the best boy band in the world

Mark Owen Madness Pages : once the cutest member of the best boy band in the world

C'mon Get Happy! : a Partridge Family website


On The Line : online tennis magazine

Tennis Information Site : links, tourneys, draws, schedules, and more

Steffi Graf : great Steffi page

SGISC : fan club for Steffi Graf


Anne Frank House : official website of the Anne Frank House

Gemeente Eindhoven : city where my boyfriend lives

eBay : online auction site  

Homepage Building Materials



web toybox

sweet homepage

Get PostPet

Tool Zone Now!

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